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Coach Hughes Cycling Friends and Events

Hughes cycling training coaching Randonneurs USA (RUSA) RUSA promotes randonneuring in the USA, long-distance unsupported endurance cycling. I coach many clients participating in RUSA brevets and am proudly RUSA member #46.
Hughes cycling training coaching Rocky Mountain Cycling Club (RMCC) My club that I’ve been riding with since I moved to Colorado in 1995. The RMCC puts on a great century training series, the Colorado Triple Crown of double century rides at altitude, one of the best brevet series in the country and High Country and Last Chance 1200K brevets.
Hughes cycling training coaching Calvin’s Challenge In Ohio in May, one of the best 12-hour races in North America, run by my good friend Larry Graham.
Hughes cycling training coaching Fireweed—The Race Across Alaska In Alaska in July 50-, 100- and 200-mile rides, 400-mile RAAM qualifier and two-day 300K organized by friends whom I first met at Paris-Brest-Paris 1999: Peter Lekisch, Jim Mendenhall, George Stransky and Bob Voris. In 2000 they raced RAAM as a four-man team and in 2001 Lekisch, supported by the others, became the first age 60+ rider to finish solo RAAM. They founded the Fireweed races, which are now put on by a strong committee of volunteers.
Hughes cycling training coaching Alaska Digital Visions Great photos of the Fireweed races as well as other events by Helen Budinger, Peter Lekisch and George Stransky. ADV graciously allowed us to use photos to illustrate Distance Cycling including the cover shot.
Hughes cycling training coaching Ultra Midwest Races that form the core of the upper Midwest racing season: Balltown 200-mile in May in Iowa, Metamora 200-mile in Illinois in August and the Weekend of Racing Labor Day, a 24-hour RAAM qualifier and 6- and 12-hour races in Illinois. For years Joe Jamison and Dave Parker put on the events. I coached Joe for Paris-Brest-Paris and for years enjoyed working with him at the UMCA. Joe is now building a series of brevets around the Quad Cities while Dave continues Ultra Midwest.
Hughes cycling training coaching Big Dogs Ultracycling Popular site to track rides and mileage as well as an events calendar. Dave Parker from Ultra Midwest also manages this site.
Hughes cycling training coaching Texas Time Trials Races in September for everyone: the Tejas 500-mile RAAM qualifier, 24-, 12- and 6- hour races and a one-lap 26.5 mile sprint. Races are scheduled so that each race ends Saturday afternoon for a big finish and party. Dan Driscoll is the race director, with help for a great set of volunteers. I coached Dan for Paris-Brest-Paris in 1999, enjoyed several glasses of wine in France and we’ve been friends ever since, including coaching him for Team RAAM in 2011.
Hughes cycling training coaching Lone Star Randonneurs A very popular series of brevets in North Texas also organized by Dan Driscoll.
Hughes cycling training coaching Central Florida Randonnneurs An early season of brevets in Florida organized by my friend Paul Rozelle,who has completed many 1200 km brevets.
Hughes cycling training coaching Planet Ultra Great double centuries and other ultra rides and races organized by Deb and Brian Bowling.