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John Hughes coaching client Elizabeth Wicks has set five records at Calvin’s Challenge

Elizabeth Wicks, 71

Calvin’s Challenge 12H Record

Women 70-74: 182.0 miles &
personal best

“ John’s guidance and support have been crucial to my success including 5 records at Calvin’s Challenge."

Intelligent Cycling Training


Lon Haldeman, “This book is a must for any rider who wants to improve overall long-distance cycling performance.” Haldeman has set 8 transcon records.
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Cycling Past 50, 60 and Beyond Series

Cycling Past 50 Parts 1 - 4 —1) Healthy Cycling Past 50; 2) Season Conditioning Past 50; 3) Healthy Nutrition Past 50; 4) Performance Cycling Past 50—98 pages for $15.96, a 20% discount—From

Cycling Past 60 Parts 1 and 2: For Health & For Recreation—How to determine your athletic maturity. Based on your athletic maturity, nine full-body exercise programs for recreation and healthy aging—47 pages for $8.98—From

Cycling Past 50, 60 and Beyond—Training with intensity—How and why to train with intensity to combat the effects of aging—27 pages for $4.99—From

Cycling Past 50, 60 and Beyond—Peak FitnessFour different training plans to achieve peak fitness—39 pages for $4.99—From

Cycling Past 50, 60 and Beyond—Fit For Life—Activities to keep you fit for life and how to build your life-long program —40 pages for $4.99—From

Performance Cycling Past 50—Over the hill? Not yet! How to ride farther and faster, 22 pages for $4.99—From

Healthy Nutrition Past 50—Day-to-day nutrition for a longer, healthier & happier life and better performance on the bike, 30 pages for $4.99—From

Healthy Cycling Past 50—How to live a longer & happier life, 20 pages for $4.99—From

Off-Season Conditioning Past 50—12 weeks to greater health & fitness, 26 pages for $4.99—From

Cycling Past 60, Part 1: For Health—How to determine your athletic maturity. Based on your athletic maturity, three full-body exercise programs for good cycling and healthy aging—24 pages for $4.99—From

Cycling Past 60, Part 2: For Recreation—Based on your athletic maturity, six full-body exercise programs for more advanced endurance and performance riders.—23 pages for $4.99—From

Endurance Cycling Series

New Your Best Season Ever, Part 1— How to plan and get the most out of your training.—32 pages for $4.99—From

Endurance Training and Riding 3-part Series —1) Training for 200K to 1200K 2) Nutrition for cycling 100km and longer, 3) Mastering the long ride 48 pages for $13.50—From

Intensity—How to plan & gauge the most beneficial cycling training efforts—13 pages for $4.99—From

Optimal Recovery for Improved Performance—How to recovery fully to improve your cycling, 16 pages for $4.99—From

Cycling in the Heat Package: Parts 1 & 2—41 pages for $8.98, a 10% discount—From

Gaining a Mental Edge—Using sports psychology to improve your cycling, 17 pages for $4.99—From

Preventing & Treating Pain in Cycling’s Pressure Points—How to prevent and treat pain in the butt, hands and feet, 12 pages for $4.99—From

Preventing & Treating Cramps—10 pages for $4.99—From

Eating & Drinking Like The Pros—Expert advice on cycling nutrition and how to make your own healthy nutrition at lower cost, 15 pages for $4.99—From

Beyond the Century—Training for endurance for 200 to 1200 km Brevets —From

Nutrition for 100K and Beyond —Cycling nutrition, hydration and electrolytes to improve your endurance—From

Cycling in the Heat Pt. 1: Managing Your Ride—How to acclimate, smart riding, what to eat, what to wear and how to cool down, 20 pages for $4.99—From

Cycling in the Heat Pt. 2: Hydration Management—How to assess your needs and develop a personal hydration and electrolyte plan, 21 pages for $4.99—From

Spring Training—Four 10-week programs to build endurance, power and speed.—27 pages for $4.99—From

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John Hughes Distance Cycling book from Human Kinetics.

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