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John Hughes coaching client Elizabeth Wicks has set five records at Calvin’s Challenge

Elizabeth Wicks, 72

Elizabeth has set the 70-74 24-hour record at the National 24-hour
and 5 records at Calvin’s 12-Hour Challenge

She lives in Massachusetts and rides outdoors all winter.

“Avid roadies like me can ride our bikes in the winter and have a hell of a lot of fun. Like anything else, you just have to learn how.”

Training for Older Riders

Intelligent Cycling Training


Lon Haldeman, “This book is a must for any rider who wants to improve overall long-distance cycling performance.” Haldeman has set 8 transcon records.
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Why I Coach by Intensity—It yields the best results in less time.

Training Zones How to gauge cycling intensity by perceived exertion, heart rate and power.

Intensity eArticle—Using Perceived Exertion, a Heart Rate Monitor or Power Meter to Maximize Training—39 pages for $4.99—From

Your Best Season Ever

Your Best Season Ever, Parts 1 and 2 eArticles— 69 page bundle for $8.98—From

Your Best Season Ever, Part 1 eArticle— How to plan and get the most out of your training.—32 pages for $4.99—From

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Spring Cycling

Ride Like A Pro This Spring—Learn what to do and what not to do.

Spring Training How to train smarter, not too hard, not too long!

Two Spring Training Programs eArticle—10 weeks to summer fitness, 27 pages for $4.99—From

Base Training Training to improve your endurance and overall cycling!

Endurance Training and Riding 3-part Series eArticles —1) Training for 200K to 1200K 2) Nutrition for cycling 100km and longer, 3) Mastering the long ride 48 pages for $13.50—From

Showstoppers Spring is the time to eliminate all the potential problems that could cause a DNF!

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John Hughes Distance Cycling book from Human Kinetics.

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